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Bahu Brand - Removable Umbrella / Shade Bracket Acessory
  • Bahu Brand - Removable Umbrella / Shade Bracket Acessory





    The Bahu Brand Umbrella/Shade Bracket is a super versatile accessory for any boat or dock.

    • This sturdy bracket quickly connects to any Bahu Brand Mount Plate to provide a stable holder for an umbrella or shade with a pole diameter up to 1.5".
    • Quick Release/Removable: Snaps into any Bahu Mount plate with just a single pin for easy use and removal.
    • Choose from 90 (vertical), 30, or 22.5 degree angles.
    • The 22.5 degree, or 30 degree angle versions allow you to rotate the bracket so that you can direct the shade where you want it, inside the boat, or out.
    • Sturdy, heavy duty construction using the patents pending Bahu Brand mount and accessory plates.


    When not in use, stow away the Bahu Umbrella Mount Bracket accessory in the BAHU bag included with purchase, and quickly break down the umbrella as well to stow.


    • Works with many common umbrella poles as well as flags. NOTE: Umbrella NOT included.
    • Interchange accessory attachments/brackets on your boat with just one Bahu mount.
    • Connect the Umbrella Mount bracket to any Bahu Mount Plate on your boat.



    • Interchangeable with all Bahu mounts and accessories.



    • (1) Bahu Umbrella Mount bracket accessory



    • Aluminum/Stainless Steel



    • Bracket Vertical Height = 8”
    • Bracket Angle = 22.5, 30, and 90 degree options. 



    • Slide BAHU accessory stem into the BAHU Mount keyhole slot. Turn the accessory as desired, then insert the locking pin into any aligned holes between accessory plate and mount plate.
    • Place Umbrella post into the bracket and tighten knob to secure.
    • See instructions for full details.



    Patents Pending. Made in the USA



    Three Year Limited Warranty

    • Bahu Brand = Value

      With the patents pending mounting system that is exclusive to Bahu Brand, each ingenious mounting plate offers a multitude of features found nowhere else; Bahu Brand is super space efficient, multipurpose, multiposition, multilocation, and made in the U.S.A. from quality materials. Combine the long lasting construction, and the versatile, multi-use nature of Bahu Brand and you have the best value around. 

      What You Need, When You Need It:
      Bahu Brand mount plates are low profile and sleek when not in use, you can attach ANY Bahu Brand accessory to ANY Bahu Brand mount plate, avoid clutter and multiple mounts for other products that only accomplish one purpose; use what you need, when you need it. 

      What You Need, Where You Need It:
      With multiple Bahu Brand mount plates on your boat, you can use multiple accessories, and move accessories from one location to another; use what you need, where you need it.

      What You Need, Anywhere You Need It:
      Bahu Brand offers many great things no other product does, and one feature that truly makes the most of your budget is that Bahu Brand mounts can be installed almost anywhere so you can get even more use from your Bahu Brand accessories! When your not boating, Bahu Brand products can go with you and be used anywhere you have a Bahu Brand Mount Plate.  Great for your dock, deck, poolside, RV, and more; what you need, anywhere you need it.

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