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All questions are good questions so please feel free to write us and ask away! Just email to submit your questions.  In the meantime, here are the most common questions we receive:

  • Will you do custom top mounts for me?
    It is very possible! We regularly make custom versions of our products, and we love to hear our customers ideas, turn those ideas into reality, or even name a new product after you! Email to contact our production team and share your idea.
  • I have an idea for a product you don’t have…Can you custom make it?
    We can certainly try! Please contact us at and we will be happy to hear your ideas, and maybe even name a new product after you!
  • How Strong Are Bahu Mounts?
    Very Strong! While this is not a definitive answer with exact specifications, it is accurate without being misleading. To explain; due to the design of Bahu Brand mounts and the accessories they host, there is a large surface area spreading out the forces on the stem which connects the two plates. The stem itself is up to 1 1/8th inch solid aluminum or stainless steel depending on the style purchased, which provides great strength, and this strength is made greater by spreading out the stress over the surface of the entire plate. All this said, many factors affect the breaking strength of Bahu Brand; each accessory has its own unique stresses and uses, each placement/installation will have varying materials and thicknesses (ie: 1” thick fiberglass vs. .75” plywood vs. 2” teak deck, and so on)….each of these factors and more will affect overall strength.
  • Are there more than one size of Bahu plates?
    Currently all Bahu Brand mount and accessory plates are 4.375” in diameter, and .375” thick. In the future, we will offer other sizes.
  • What are Bahu Brand mounts and accessories made with?
    Aluminum and Stainless Steel; currently we are offering only the Aluminum products, while the Stainless Steel versions will be available in the near future.
  • Where are Bahu Brand products made?
    Bahu Brand makes a special point of purchasing our materials locally, and all production, assembly, packing, and shipping is completed in either our fresh water coast Wisconsin location, or our salt water coast Florida location.
  • Are Bahu mounts for boats only?
    No. One of the great features of Bahu Brand products is that wherever you have a mount plate, you have a place to attach any Bahu Brand accessory. While Bahu Brand products are amazing for boats and make the most of space available, you can install Bahu Brand mounts on your dock, deck, poolside, RV, and more so you can use your accessories not only on your boat, but wherever you have a Bahu Brand mount.
  • Is there a warranty on Bahu Brand products?
    Yes. All Bahu Brand mounts and accessories come with a 2 Year Limited Warranty unless otherwise stated.
  • How are Bahu Brand mount plates installed?
    Bahu Brand mount plates are installed by drilling three holes (5/16” diameter) that correspond with the three mounting holes of the mount plates. The plate is then secured in place with three mounting bolt/screws, washers, lock washers, and nuts. Be sure to see the instructions template for aligning the mount plate properly so the “neck” of the keyhole slot in the mount plate is placed toward the waters edge when mounted horizontally, or downward when mounted vertically.
  • Where can Bahu Brand mount plates be installed?
    Common boat installation locations include the swim platforms, decks, transom, catwalk, gunnel, bow, and more. Other common installations include docks, decks, poolside, and more.
  • Can you mount Bahu vertically?
    Yes. Bahu Brand is currently developing a number of accessories which will work specifically with vertically mounted Bahu Brand mount plates. Join our mailing list to be kept in the loop on these new products as they are unveiled.
  • I’m not handy. Can I install myself?
    Yes. Bahu Brand mount plates are easy to install with just three holes needed to be drilled, and three bolts to be tightened. It is sometimes helpful to have an assistant when tightening the bolts when they are in harder to reach places.
  • How are these installed on a Boston Whaler when I can't add nuts and washers to the screws?
    Bahu Brand installation on Boston Whalers in areas where you are unable to secure the mount screws from underneath using the nuts and washers is common. We suggest drilling a pilot hole with a .25" drill bit, then using a tapping tool to create a 5/16" - 18 threaded hole, then screwing in the supplied mount screws. TIPS: - Carefully pre-drill, tap, and install the screws one at a time to insure best alignment. - Adding a sealant such as silicone in each hole prior to inserting the mount screw.
  • Can you buy Bahu from somewhere other than the Bahu website ( west marine, amazon, etc.)?
    Currently Bahu Brand products are only available online, direct to our customers. In coming months, a number of select retailers and service providers will begin offering Bahu Brand products. To keep informed on these pending retail locations visit us here, and join our mailing list for the latest news.
  • Does any boat line come with Bahu installed by the manufacturer?
    Bahu Brand will soon be found built into new boats from a number of quality boat manufacturers. We will provide updates on this regularly.
  • Can I pick my Bahu up in my local area?
    Currently Bahu Brand is only available online.
  • Will Bahu be at any boat shows in my area?
    Bahu Brand will be found at a number of boat shows beginning late 2023. We hope to see you there! Please join our mailing list for news and updates.
  • How does the accessory attach to the Bahu mount?
    Bahu Brand accessories are super easy to use. Simply line up the “key” (round stem on the bottom of the accessory plates) with the “keyhole” (slot on the mount plates) and slide in place, then rotate to the angle of your choice and secure with the quick release detent pin. No matter which hole you place the pin in, as long as it lines up with a hole on the mount plate, your accessory is secure. To remove, simply pull the pin, and slide the accessory back and out of the mount plate.
  • Can you change the angle of the accessory without re-installing the mount plate?
    Yes. Due to the unique design of Bahu Brand plates, all accessories can be rotated and fixed in place at varying angles that line up with the holes of the accessory plate and mount plates.
  • Will they rust or tarnish?
    All Bahu Brand products are made from aluminum or stainless steel and they are treated prior to shipment to provide an appealing finish that will last. Depending on use and placement, like all items used outdoors, some maintenance will be needed to maintain the surfaces and remove dirt and oxidation.
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