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Poolside Paver Mount Kit

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Brand: Bahu Brand

This special Bahu Mount Plate kit is designed to be installed in common patio/deck pavers while providing a sturdy, low profile base to connect poolside umbrella shades/umbrellas, table brackets, and new Bahu Brand poolside accessories coming soon.

#1 Question: "Are these sturdy?" Answer: Yes. While simple to install (just drilling two holes through a paver with the masonry drill bits provided and then pounding the mount pins into the soil until the mount plate is flush with the paver surface) these paver mounts take advantage of the friction and tension provided by the paver drilled into as well as all the surrounding pavers. Once installed into a paver patio/deck surface that is in good repair without significant gaps between pavers, the mount is impossible to move left, right, forward, back, can't twist, and angular forces are compensated for with the two pins and the adjacent pavers....the only way to remove it is to lift perfectly straight upwards.


A drill is required, but the kit comes with a 5/8" masonry drill bit to drill two holes corresponding with the two 10 inch pins at the base of the Bahu Mount Plate. Mark and drill the two holes (sometimes you may need to "swirl" the drill bit around slightly in the hole to make it slightly larger for ease in installation) then using a scrap piece of wood and a hammer, insert the mount plate pins into the holes and drive the mount plate in until flush with the paver top.

Low Profile:

Once installed the mount plate sits just 3/8" above the paver for a low profile, step over, step on, low hazard mount.


  • Paver Style Two Pin Bahu Brand Mount Plate
  • Instructions
  • 5/8" Masonry Drill Bit
  • Trim Ring

Suggested Accessories:

  • 30 Degree Angle Umbrella/Shade Bracket
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