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Pool Volleyball Set w/o Mounts - Removable

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Product Details
Brand: Bahu Brand

For those who already have Bahu Brand Mounts, this kit does NOT come with mount plates.

A great way to add hours of fun to your pool!

  • Complete pool volleyball kit from Bahu Brand with unique features such as:
    • Removable: After installing the two low profile (3/8" high) mounting plates you can insert and lock the volleyball posts in place in seconds. When not in use the mounts won't get in your way.
    • Adjustable height. Raise or lower the net as desired.
    • Easy to attach and adjust the net with built in rope cleats
    • Poles break down for storage in convenient storage bag.
    • Mount plates can host other Bahu Brand products like the poolside umbrella brackets, and more.
    • Choose the length of your net to match your pool
    • Made in USA


  • The Paver Mount Style is simple to install (just drilling two holes through a paver with the masonry drill bits provided and then pounding the mount pins into the soil until the mount plate is flush with the paver surface). These paver mounts take advantage of the friction and tension provided by the paver drilled into as well as all the surrounding pavers. Once installed into a paver patio/deck surface that is in good repair without significant gaps between pavers, the mount is impossible to move left, right, forward, back, can't twist, and angular forces are compensated for with the two pins and the adjacent pavers....the only way to remove it is to lift perfectly straight upwards.
    • LIMITATIONS: Due to the nature of this mount it is best suited to use with the Bahu Brand Angled Umbrella Bracket, Poolside Volleyball Posts, and other accessories. This mount style will not work with the Bahu Brand Patio Umbrella brackets as an updraft will potentially pull the mount from the paver.
  • The Solid Surface Mount Style is used on concrete or similar solid surfaces. Installation requires 3 holes to be drill (drill bits provided) each of which then has an anchor inserted into the hole, followed by screwing in the provided machine screws.
    • LIMITATIONS: There are no restriction for use with this style of mount when properly installed and anchored.


A "hammer" drill is required, but the kit comes with needed masonry drill bits to drill holes, and all necessary hardware. With the mount plate installed, the Angled Umbrella Bracket is simply inserted into the "keyhole" then rotated to desired position prior to locking in place with the provided pin and the thumbscrew.


  • 60" Adjustable Height Volleyball Net Posts
  • Storage Bag
  • Optional Net
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